Lotte Restaurant

The word “restaurant” can mean a thousand different things. Perhaps you have already had some good and bad experiences in this regard. While some places only serve to quickly fill you up when you are hungry, there are other restaurants that make every effort to ensure that your visit is a true fine dining experience.

At Villa Regenhart, we believe in the sanctity of moments spent savoring a great meal. We know that few things are as precious as the time spent with your friends and loved ones at the dinner table. This time-honored ritual serves not only to satisfy a hungry stomach but also to delight your taste buds and foster a sense of togetherness with the people sharing your table.

Lobby Bar

The relaxing atmosphere of a spa town, a crackling fire in the fireplace and a glass of good wine in your hand. An exceptional day in Jeseník calls for something special to end the day with. Treat yourself to good times at Villa Regenhart’s stylish bar.

Whether you are sitting down with friends or winding up an excellent dinner, let us treat you to a luxurious experience. We aim to provide our bar guests with a high standard of service and comfort. Bar culture is our passionate hobby and we are always looking for new things to offer our bar guests.