Lotte Restaurant

The word “restaurant” can mean a thousand different things. Perhaps you have already had some good and bad experiences in this regard. While some places only serve to quickly fill you up when you are hungry, there are other restaurants that make every effort to ensure that your visit is a true fine dining experience.

At Villa Regenhart, we believe in the sanctity of moments spent savoring a great meal. We know that few things are as precious as the time spent with your friends and loved ones at the dinner table. This time-honored ritual serves not only to satisfy a hungry stomach but also to delight your taste buds and foster a sense of togetherness with the people sharing your table.

At our restaurant, we take care to ensure that our guests feel good during their visit with us. We carefully select the best regional suppliers of fresh local ingredients for our kitchen. Beef is sourced from a local butcher who lets his cattle graze on green meadows in the Jeseník region. Chanterelles and other mushrooms are handpicked for us by Mrs. Hrubá, who lives just 15 minutes from the Villa.

Our restaurant menu changes depending on which fruits and vegetables are currently in season in the Jeseník region. Our chef is passionate about the preparation of new specialties. While in wintertime, you can look forward to delicious game dishes, during the summer months our menu will feature grilled fish freshly caught in mountain streams. We also prepare various, special gastronomic events on a regular basis.  And for the greatest connoisseurs of gourmet food among our guests, we offer a tasting menu assembled from the best dishes on the menu.

We take an interest in encouraging the further development of gastronomic culture in Jeseník. The staff selected as your servers truly enjoy their work and always have a ready smile or kind word for our guests. With enthusiastic service from our personnel, we believe that our guests will enjoy the house-brewed Regenhart beer or the custom-roasted coffee we offer even more.

Simply put, at Villa Regenhart, we know how important are the precious moments spent enjoying a great meal.  Whether you are getting ready for a relaxing holiday, a wedding celebration, or if you are “just hungry,” we will do everything we can to make your meal at our restaurant a memorable experience. Come to the restaurant and see for yourself. Bon appetit!